Greek Colonies in Turkey and their development
This website has been created with the exact purpose of teaching students.
My name is Ippolito Castellani Tarabini and I am a Grade 10 in IICS (Istanbul International Community School). As some of you may know, in Grade 10, MYP students have the chance to elaborate on one of their passions and create a product: in my case the product is this website, and my passion is Greek Colonies in Turkey.
'Greek Colonies in Turkey and their Development' has been developed between September 2010 and January 2011. First, I started writing my introduction, in which I explained in brief my plan and my approach to creating this website. Then I actually started making the final product: it took a lot of research, because Greek Colonies in Turkey is a subject which requires very good background information and own knowledge.
Please, if you have any inquiry/question about Greek Colonies in Turkey and their Development do not hesitate to contact me on my school e-mail

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